Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Why? Blogtober day 14

Why are there two letters for dad in the letterbox?

Because the postman left them there.
Why did the postman leave them there?
Because that's his job, his job is delivering letters.
Why is his job delivering letters?
Because there are lots of letters that need to be delivered, and someone has to do it.
Why does someone have to do it?
Because otherwise the letters wouldn't get delivered, and there wouldn't be two letters for dad in the letterbox.
Why are there two letters for dad in the letterbox?

Why don't I have time to do any crafting?


  1. hello Craft Gypsy!
    thanks for stopping by my blog and following along.

    love your post for today and the 'pretzel logic' of it all =-)

    i hear you on your post of yesterday having so many ideas and not enough time to work them out. i do make notes on scraps of paper or jot ideas in notebooks; i am hoping to start an official notebook to keep all the ideas in ONE place. i can say it does help because i have managed to start on some ideas i've made notes on that are over two years old!! hope you find a system that works for you!

  2. By George, I believe I have just had exactly the same Blogtober day 14. I am of course having trouble believing that you didn't also get asked what the postie's name was!


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