Thursday, October 22, 2009

The Menu - Blogtober day 22

When I'm not sewing or covering things with paper,  I like to create colourful delights of another kind.

Tonight's menu will feature a delicious blend of organic butternut pumpkin and potato, lovingly cooked and gently blended. This will be complemented by a generous serving of organic zucchini which has been lightly steamed to perfection and pureed for your dining pleasure. Your dining experience this evening will be completed by a wonderfully light and not-to-sweet serving of perfectly stewed organic golden delicious apples to which I have added just a little pinch of love.

Actually, these are the only things my fussy 8 month old will eat. It could be worse I suppose. And being an organised sort of person I cook in bulk and freeze in ice cube trays, then store them in a freezer container.

I tell myself I make my own baby food for the nutritional value and cost saving, but I think it's because I just love the mix of vibrant colours!

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