Monday, October 19, 2009

Nine? Really? - Blogtober day 19

Earlier this year one of my friends suggested we join their family for a camping trip in November. Earlier this year, November seemed like a galaxy far, far away. I have just realised that November (and our camping trip) is in two weeks. And not surprisingly I am feeling a little unprepared.

First, a warning: Real Campers, avert your eyes. I have a confession to make. We are camping in a caravan park. *Gasp!* Yes, that's right, a caravan park. Where there are actual flushing toilets, hot showers and level, powered campsites. And now you're asking yourself "how prepared does she really need to be?" Well, I may need to procure a map of the park in order to find my way to the indoor/outdoor swimming pool complex. And I'm wondering about my hair is a powered site after all.

In anticipation of the big camping trip, I purchased a shiny new tent which claims to sleeps nine. When the bloke who lives at my place set it up in our backyard, I realised they meant nine owl softies. Or nine chocolate invaders. Not nine actual life-sized people. I'm hopeful that we will be able to squeeze our little family of five in there, and am eternally grateful I didn't buy a tent that claims to sleep five.

I have packed the sleeping bags, some board games, kites and bikes for the kids, fishing gear, bbq accoutrements and a couple of beers for the bloke who lives at my place. And of course, some portable craft projects for me! I'm hoping to make a start on one of Kirsty's bookmarks while I'm away.

Happy trails!

Sshh, don't tell anyone, but apparently the caravan park has an internet cafe so I'll be able to check in on you all while I'm away!


  1. now that is my kind of camping. Last time I went camping I got in trouble when my friend came to pick me up because the bag I took was so big. But I needed a lot of stuff to last the weekend!

  2. My kind of camping ... with an internet cafe no less. Have fun.

  3. Now that's what I call camping! None of this dig a hole in the middle of the bush and wash in a creek bizo! You'll have a ball. The kids will love the freedom of exploring and playing with other kids. You'll be able to kick back in a camping chair with your stitching.


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