Friday, September 25, 2009

Birthday Cake

My son turned 4 yesterday - what a great excuse to dust off the old cake tins and give some fondant a workout!

I realised about halfway through that I was actually a bit more rusty than I had anticipated, which got me thinking about when was the last time I created a fancy-schmancy birthday cake? Surely not too long ago...I love cake decorating...I do it all the time...right?

Actually, it turns out, the last fancy cake I did was exactly one year ago, when my son turned 3. Oops.

Late apologies to my daughter for her 7th birthday cake which was truly a shemozzle (in my defence I was 7 months pregnant at the time), my long suffering husband (sponge cake from supermarket *gasp* ), my Mum, my sister and all the other people I DIDN'T make a cake for this year!

So the cake came together in the end, (except for poor Thomas the Tank Engine who was too big to sit on my train tracks). My son loved it, the yummy chocolate mud cake inside was a hit with the parents, and it was enormous so we'll be eating chocolate cake at my place for at least a week!

(Inspired by this fantastic cake)

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  1. It looks amazing - a heap of work! I am sure that was a huge hit with the birthday boy though. Lots of wow factor.

    (I made a TTTE cake from a Wilton pan for a 4th birthday this year too and got into trouble to taking liberties with changing Thomas' number 1 to a 4!!)


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