Thursday, September 10, 2009

Let's start at the very beginning...'s a very fine place to start.

So I'm totally new to blogging, but have been crafting for quite some time. Although I do consider myself a 'beginner' in crafting as I'm still experimenting, trying new things and generally finding my crafting feet. So I will attempt to publish new craft projects as I do them, but will also randomly publish projects I have already completed.
I have three young children, Princess Z aged 7, Mr Jumping Bean aged almost 4, and Poor Point 3 aged 6 months, so forgive me if my posts are spasmodic and/or slap dash at times!
Crafting and being creative is the thing I do to keep me sane, have a break from my everyday life and to have some all important ME TIME! I love it.
My gorgeous friend Sam recently moved overseas and bequeathed me her Janome, so I dived into 2 terms of beginner sewing lessons and now the Janome and I are in love and are quickly becoming inseperable. I am about to attempt a quilt *gasp* for Princess Z, so will keep you updated on the progress of this project.



  1. You are not a beginner at all! You are my very talented Cousin!!! You are very cleaver and have 3 beautiful children (oh - and a handsome husband too!!)

  2. Welcome to blogging, Gypsy! I look forward to seeing all your wonderful crafty creations. I hope you might show us a cake or two too!

  3. Hhmm I may just blog some cakes soon Liesl. I'm doing one tomorrow, let's just see how it turns out!


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