Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Stitched, Stuffed, Delivered...

My very first softie is finished! What do you think?

Not only is she finished, but since she's a Softie for Mirabel the kids and I dropped her off at Pip's this afternoon. Hoorah!

However, I must tell you that The Great Softie Adventure Chapter One was not all smooth sailing.

First, when I managed to scrape together a half hour of spare time for crafting (rarer than hen's teeth these days) I realised I had no felt in my stash (doh!). Ever resourceful, and too stubborn to let a little thing like 'lack of correct materials' get in the way, I decided to use brown cotton drill for the hair. (Please feel free to note my obvious lack of softie making experience here.) Okay, so at some point I realised the reason felt is used is because the hair is top stitched on and felt doesn't fray. (Just for the record, cotton drill does). Doh! So, after checking my trusty Most Resourceful Girl Merit Badge I recut the hair piece times 2, carefully adding a seam allowance, stitched the hair pieces right sides together, turned them out, THEN topstitched in place. Can anyone say 'extra work'????  I'd also like to be able to say that her arms are deliberately open wide just waiting for a hug, but I fear I've a lot to learn regarding the importance of limb placement when stitching body panels right sides together.

The rest of The Great Softie Adventure came together remarkably smoothly after my somewhat wobbly start, and I'm please to say my little softie girl is living happily ever after in Pip's front window. (Well, at least until Sunday when she'll be whisked off to meet, and hopefully live happily ever after with, her new owner!)


  1. your softie-girl is cuter than cute!! i'm in love!!

    BTW: loved your post on the "happiness kit" you received; what a creative gift!! may i copy the 'recipe' for one of my friends who will be laid up until January from foot surgery?

  2. She is just gorgeous, and will warm the heart of a little girl (or boy!) for sure. Good job, I love the hair BTW.

  3. Very cute!!!! What an ace dress she is wearing.. ummm I'm a size 12 sometimes 14, 6'2" tall with a long torso section

    lol let me know as soon as it's finished. I'll pay you in... ummm your pick from my fabric stash? :P


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