Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Ultimate Secret Handshake

What a fabulous day we had at the Daylesford Market on Saturday! Armed with "The Ultimate Secret Handshake" we were warmly greeted at the door with "I spy some bloggers!" which was a lovely welcome. The next person I spied inside was the lovely Liesl with...was it Argy or Bargy? That was a lovely surprise, as I haven't seen Liesl for aaaaages!

Big thanks to Julie for the scrumptious yo-yo biccies, what a yummy way to start my market outing!

I saw some lovely creative bloggy friends, including Cam. I am now the proud owner of that gorgeous little heart shaped brooch on the bottom left of Cam's display :)

There's the very talented Jodie from VintageRicRac peering out from her awesome display shelf.
I think I have a blog crush.

(sorry the picture is blurry, but I think it hides my wrinkles rather well, but Jodie says it's because she's drunk).

We took a refreshment break from all our shopping at Frango & Frangos, and marked off purchases against our Christmas Lists.  See my "Secret Handshake" in the background behind the glasses? (No, they weren't both for me!)

We headed back to the market for some more shopping (pics to follow), then made our way to Lark. Heavenly. I want to live there. A quick stop at the Mill Markets then back on the road again, where we were met by this:

We made it home safely, exhausted, inspired and buzzing from such a lovely day out. Thanks Marketeers :)


  1. Ooh that champagne looks good! Sounds like you had a great day, it was lovely to meet you! Next time you should make a weekend of it, there is so much to see and do. Loved the blurry photo! xo

  2. Wasn't it the best day! Have to make another batch of yoyo's for the six year old, he was horrified I gave them all away.

  3. Awesome, awesome, awesome, awesome....!!!!!!

  4. Actually that the best photo of me in years. It was so good to meet you and I hope we can catch up again soon. I have added you to my bloglines and will stalk you mercilessly from now on....

  5. Thanks so much for coming to visit. It certainly was a fabulously fun day. Don't forget to email me your address so I can get to work on those polkadots (sometime after the market this Thursday night).


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