Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Creative Space - the first cut is the deepest

My creative space today involves the somewhat difficult task of repurposing some old books. I say difficult because I was brought up to love, respect, enjoy and revere the written word, and defacing books was not something I would ever have contemplated (with the possible exception of my Year 9 History book which contains a small number of scrawled notes of great historical significance, such as    "I *heart* Brian Mannix"  and
"G.D. 4 C.O. 4 EVA". In pencil, I might add - things can change quickly when you're 15).
Anyway, enough reminiscing, back to the task at hand. Where was I? Oh yes, defacing a book *shudder*.
I picked up a couple of books at the Op Shop this week with the specific idea in mind of cutting out some of the beautiful illustrations to make into cards. The books were already looking somewhat worse for wear when I bought them, but it didn't make it easier when it came time to actually cut the pages out. A deep breath and I dived in. After the first cut it wasn't so bad. And I'm quite pleased with the results so far.

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  1. I think I would have the same dilemma if I took a knife to a book..... guilt from school days!
    It was definitely worth it as the cards are lovely.

  2. I love the idea of making cards out of old books. I can see that it's hard too. As for Brian Mannix...what can I say? Keep cutting! xo

  3. Oh wow, I understand this... I shudder at the thought of cutting up books, I have a beautiful collection of vintage golden books which people have suggested I do various things with, but I just can't go there! Your cards do look lovely though!

  4. They look beautiful Gypsy.

    I too have trouble with the idea of cutting up books. I do however have two helpers who are quite willing to help separate the pages from a book spine. Just yell out if you ever need any assistance.

  5. I soooo know what you mean about cutting up books. It just seems wrong. But look at the beautiful cards you made, that others will get to enjoy. Better than the pictures being left in a tatty book on an Op Shop shelf.

    And thanks for the Brain Mannix flashback. I still don't know what I'm gunna do, when the party's through..!!!

  6. love the final results =-)

    i found it was easier to use book pages when the books were old paperbacks in French or Spanish, and only cost pennies...

  7. What a great idea! Better to have a fresh new life as a card than to be we worse for wear at the op shop I say.


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