Monday, November 9, 2009

The Queen of the UFO

Okay girls, I'm claiming the title. I am the Queen of the Unfinished Object.

I have found what I'm pretty sure is my oldest UFO. It is a cross stitch I started back in 2001 when I was pregnant with my first child. It is a growth chart that was intended for said child (note: the junior crafter is turning 8 next week and I'm pretty sure she would be too tall for the chart by now even if it was finished). It has survived through two house moves and various storage boxes, but is looking decidedly worse for wear after I unearthed it last weekend from a box in my bungalow. The bloke who lives at my house suggested through gritted teeth that I should to teach him how to cross stitch so "the damn thing can be finished one way or another".

Note the packaging and the example of the finished growth chart shown full length; see the little clown sitting right in the middle? See my little clown? Yep, that's all I've managed to complete in eight years.

So, fess up girls, surely mine can't be the longest standing UFO? What's your oldest UFO? Are you ready to claim the Title? Post a link to your oldest UFO in the comments, pictures would be fab.

PS. SammyJ, if you're reading this, thanks for teaching me to cross stitch all those years ago, and yes, this really is the same one.


  1. I am most impressed that you still have it. That requires some serious dedication, it requires your honest belief in the fact that you WILL, ONE DAY, finish it... surely?

    I think most people would have done away with it by now - I definately would have!

    Thanks for stopping by & welcoming me back! You made me smile...! :)

  2. I'm too scared to think how old my oldest ufo would be but I've had an idea...why don't you teach the 8 year old how to cross stitch and she can finish it herself. How lovely would a mother/daughter colaboration cross stitch be?!

  3. I'm not sure that I can owe up to having the oldest as Ive only been crafting for over 2 years - but, hehe always a but.... I might win a prize for having more than 10 WIP's and at least 10 IWTMTN's (i just made that up - I Want To Make This Now) lol... i do so love craft. its thrills me to no end! :) good luck with finishing your project

  4. What a cute little clown - maybe it can be re-purposed?!

    However, I think I can lay claim to an older WIP. See I posted my old, old WIPs in July 2008 ... Just add another 18 months to all the dates!!!

  5. I have a few UFOs that are that old, or older. I was doing some bead embroidery about 15 years ago, got all the way through the central motif, and then put it down... it's still in storage.

    And still in the embroidery hoop. Oops.

  6. Lmao! I remember when we bought those. Shall I just send you mine and you can say you're done? I even lined the outside with red ribbon. I'm sure The Bloke that Lives at Your Place will never know the difference!


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