Friday, July 2, 2010

Completed - Reversible Winter Pinafore

Buttonholed. Buttoned. Taken in a little. Unpicked. Restitched, taking care to line up the seams properly this time. Hemmed. Wrapped. Delivered to the birthday girl. Well received. Yay!
Pleated pockets made using this tutorial

Heart shaped pocket all my idea!

Vintage self cover buttons from the Op Shop.


  1. Its gorgeous. I love the little heart pocket and buttons. Lucky birthday girl!

  2. It's super cute Gypsy! You're a pinny afficionado now. I'm sure that birthday girl is going to be very happy indeed.

  3. I love it - the heart shaped pocket is a lovely touch.

  4. Well done Gypsy! Hope its the first clothing of many to come!

    We should have a "whip up boys pants" night :D

  5. This little pinnie is so sweet Gypsy! I love the heart pocket, super cute. Hey, thanks for the lovely post about my giveaway, I'm glad you liked your little parcel of goodies. Hope you are surviving..oops..enjoying the holidays! xo

  6. Gorgeous job Gypsy, love the heart pocket idea and I am so glad it was well-received.
    It's great when your handmade efforts are appreciated.

  7. Delightful. Super sweet. I *heart* it.


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