Sunday, July 4, 2010

Completed - The Panel Bag

I've been doing a spot of pattern testing, and...
 When it comes to bags I am a complete beginner. In fact, when it comes to sewing, I'm still a novice.  I have never made a bag before and would never have attempted one with a lining and a base! I have only ever sewn pleats once (and I'm not sure little ones on a pocket really count), I have never inserted a zip pocket or compartment pockets in a bag lining before, I have never used O-rings. And, I have never used one of Nikki's patterns before. I was more than a little apprehensive.

But look:


Zipped pocket!

Compartment pocket!

I made the bag completely from my stash, using a pretty bird fabric from Ikea, some black embroidered suede left over from my first attempt at a skirt (what was I thinking?), and some pretty paisley polycotton  I don't even remember buying!

I can't say enough great things about Nikki's pattern and instructions. The level of detail in the pattern made it possible for me to do some scary things I've never done before, simply by following Nikki's well written instructions.

Of course, no matter how fabulously well put together a pattern is, we all still love a good sewing mishap now, don't we? 

Can you spot what's wrong with this picture?

No? Can't see the problem? 

Does this help? 

Yes, it's always a good tip to have the O-Ring inside the tab before stitching the tab closed. Doh!

I can't wait to try another of Nikki's patterns, and if you haven't tried one, give it a go, I bet you'll love it!


  1. Love your work Cheese lady!!!

  2. Oh it's absolutely fab Gypsy! That o-ring mishap is just like something I'd do ha ha.

  3. I'm making this one next, making it for Cam who was the original tester! Got for to finish a bad pattern first:(

  4. Very impressive. Looks great.

  5. As someone who cannot sew a straight line and is just in awe of those who can... WOW! The bag looks awesome (despite the O ring mishap - lol!) and you should be proud.

  6. Well done! Nikki's instructions can't be beat.

  7. Looks great - that Nikki knows her stuff. Well done you for doing something new!

  8. how weird, Gypsy, I am pattern testing that one too and I so very nearly chose that same fabric out of my stash. I have bag lining to go and handles- you have spurred me on. YOur bag looks fantastic

  9. You are a SUPER-SEWING-GAL!! Look what YOU made!!

    Thanks for your feedback and the big thumbs-up.

  10. Wow, you're no novice now - that bag is excellent. I bet I know what all your family are getting for Christmas this year- well the ladies at least!

  11. Gypsy, you've done a FANTASTIC job of the bag! You deserve to be very proud of yourself.

  12. Great bag!!! Love it. Awesome pocket inside too :)
    Can't stop chuckling about the O ring... too funny.

  13. Fantastic! It looks great Gypsy - I did have a giggle

  14. WOW !!! No more novice for you Miss Gypsy - that bag looks uber-professional...


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