Thursday, July 29, 2010

Things I have learned today...

  • my foot is not fractured (hurrah!);
  • Cheeseboy dances for cheesecake too;
  • my car, which was damaged in the hailstorm in March, will be repaired (yes, it has actually taken the insurance company 5 months and 4 assessments to decide this). When it will actually be repaired is anyone's guess;
  • Patons Wilderness, although very attractive and perfect for the Granny Shrug, is apparently more suited to people who can actually crochet. It does not lend itself to being unravelled and re-crocheted numerous times. After the second time, one needs to use scissors and start again;
  • that I can actually take the hip (19") and outside leg (21") measurements of the Boy Genius' whilst he's asleep, without disturbing him at all.
  • that there are simply not enough hours in my day. Even with this.


  1. Is there any connection between dancing cheeseboy and potentially fractured foot? Did he slam his heel on your instep to make you drop said cheesecake?

  2. Oh goodness, at least the car is getting fixed, LOL! Glad boy genius sleeps so well!

  3. I do measurements while the kids are sleeping too!!!

    Yay for the foot.

    And we are still waiting for our (March) storm damaged shed to be fixed by the plumber. grrrrr

  4. Glad your foot is OK!!
    I'd dance for cheesecake too. Just saying ...

  5. Gosh you southerners have had a lot of trouble re. insurance and that long ago!! Grrrrr!!

    So glad you foot is right....and I'm with Andi, I'd dance, hell I'd strip, for cheesecake lol!

  6. Was it New York Baked Cheesecake? That would get me dancing.

    Glad your dancing feet aren't fractured.

  7. Geepers Gyps! I completly didnt ask you about your foot last night! So sorry!
    Our house still isnt fixed either :( But so glad your car is!

  8. Oooo... hope your foot is feeling better. Sounds like a bit of a rough time for you. Bravo on taking measurements whilst child is asleep - 100% brilliant idea which I will no doubt adopt tonight :)


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