Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Baking...and more baking

We have been very busy in the kitchen of late, although at the moment I'm baking in an old fashioned metal tin - at least I'm certain metal can go in the oven!)

Caramel Slice

The Junior crafter baked a delicious chocolate cake with pink icing and sprinkles (of course).
(She takes icing her cakes very seriously!)

And a banana cake using this recipe which was soooo yummy!


  1. yum, what time's afternoon tea?

  2. That caramel slice looks delish.
    Recipe please!!

    PS to the junior crafter ... love your work. Nothing better than pink icing with sprinkles. Is there any left for me?

  3. That all looks delicious! Its making me feel a bit sad that my oven has broken ... I shall have to keep the boiled banana cake recipe on the wishlist for now.

  4. Ooooooo! Lots of yummy baking but that caramel slice looks particularly fabulous. Sharing recipes?

  5. oh ah, that caramel slice would go good right here about now!


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