Monday, July 5, 2010

A Snappy Solution (this one's for you Cam)

Last week I had a lovely visit at Karen's place. Karen made us a yummy soup for lunch, the kids played and danced and dressed up, and Karen and I made wedding plans for them took them out for a walk. It was a fab day, and Karen has blogged some great pics here showing just some of the children's excellent fashion sense.

Not surprisingly, with 5 children under 5 years between us we didn't get any sewing done, but we did manage to have a play with Karen's snap press. It's awesome, I definitely need to buy one!

And Cam, you'll be pleased to hear, we replaced the broken snap on your pinny - hurrah!
So it's ready to be delivered to Spotlight with the other 20 or so dresses and 8 pairs of  shorts which have been sent to me by so many wonderful crafty peeps.


  1. I have one of those Gypsy! I have got the big sort, not the little hand heald one.

  2. Hmm, those children danced- I hope you had stocked up on cheese, given there was 5 of them :)

  3. Oh thank goodness you were able to fix the pinny!
    It must have been fate that I'd used the plastic snaps instead of the metal ones.

  4. Such a lovely day!
    Great result with the pinnies and shorts Gypsy - Spotlight will lvoe it when you come through the door with all those.


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