Friday, June 4, 2010

NCB and some Pinny love

I ventured out to the Northern Craft Bonanza last night, and it was jumpin'! So many crafty girls there, stitching, hooking, knitting, chatting...ok, mostly chatting, but loads of craft taking place as well.
Some were making a start on Kirsty's granny shrug. Nikki and Trudi were making really beautiful newborn dolls. There was a surprise appearance by one lovely crafty girl I thought hadn't come back to the real world yet.
And the nicest surprise was the enormous stack of Pinafores which were awaiting my arrival; don't they look pretty all hanging up together:

 Thanks a million lovely ladies. I have put a list in my sidebar of all the girls who have made a pinafore for a great cause. There's still time to join in if you want to make one too.


  1. they really do look fantastic all hung up together like that. well done you, love to see the spotlight chickies' faces when you wheel that lot in! Hmmm, and there are obviously different 'how to make reversible' techniques going on there, I am intrigued...

  2. Wasn't it a hoot last night? Another Sew It Together!!! Great to see you.

  3. I love this idea Can you help me with pattern names and sizes they are needing?

  4. They look great Gyps. Love your post about sparing a thought for those less fortunate. Hope the heating is fixed.
    Ab x

  5. yay Gypsy! they are gorgeous. well done on organising it.
    now I'm sorry I missed NCB the other night, sounds like a great get together.
    have a happy weekend

  6. Glad you had a good time . Love all the colourful pinafores .

  7. They look gorgeous! Thanks so much to you Gypsy for organising such a great project. X

  8. dont they look great! Do they need any boys clothes or only girls?

  9. Those are GORGEOUS!
    I have 3 pinnies ready to send off to you, if you could email me your address?
    kraftykuka at gmail dot com
    I have posted some info about the pinny drive on my blog too, with a link back to your original posts =)
    You can see my pinafores here and here
    Thanks for letting us know about such a great cause! =)


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