Friday, June 25, 2010

Rockwiz at The Palais

Last October I camped out all night with my sleeping bag and thermos to be first in line to get tickets to see Rockwiz on tour at The Palais, and it paid off, we got front row tickets! Okay, so I was actually camped out at my computer with a visa card and a glass of white, but you get the picture; it's all about the dedication.

We had a fantastic night and thoroughly enjoyed seeing awesome live performances by Ella Hooper, Angry Anderson, Claire Bowditch (how much do I love this woman!), Vika Bull, Steve Kilby and Adalita Srsen, not to mention the Rockwiz Band.

During the show, host Brian Nankervis mentioned that this was the first show to go on sale, so we were sitting amongst the most truly dedicated Rockwiz fans in the country. It did not escape my attention that we were actually sitting with 2500 people who clearly have no life and who are always home watching SBS at 9.30 on Saturday nights. And we were in the front row. I have no life.

Thanks to my mum for babysitting so we could pretend we still have a life!


  1. How cool! (It would only be bettered if Iron Chef was the support act)

  2. Apparently, I have no life.
    Glad you managed to get one!!

  3. It's not that you have no life, you're just kulched!!!
    Great lineup too. Bet you had fun.
    Ab x

  4. * Cultured, for those that actually are and can't read Bogan.

  5. Nah, you have a life. I was probably home watching re-runs of rockwiz while you were enjoying the real thing.


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