Sunday, June 27, 2010

Better late than never...

I used to sometimes struggle to find things to blog about, and was often wishing I had more time to be creative and make things, or do more interesting things so I'd have something to 'show and tell' on my blog. Now the blog can't keep up with real life! And now I struggle to find time to write blog posts about all the fun stuff I've been up to! How's the irony?

So, here's a belated thank you to Bec for hosting a lovely Crafternoon last Sunday. The Junior Crafter came along and had a ball playing with Bec's Little Miss and doing some Junior Crafting:

I did a little bit of cutting out for my winter pinny (on which I've made progress since last week. I really need to keep up with blogging or I feel like I'm going backwards!) 

And we all enjoyed some magnificent food and lots of great company.

And we missed some people who weren't allowed out to play. Their mums wrote them a sick note and made them stay home in bed. 

Thanks Bec for a lovely Crafternoon!
**Lots more photos here :) 


  1. It certainly was a lovely day out, and the kiddies had so much fun.
    The highlight of my day was definitely the fantastic rendition of the 'Dance for Cheese'!

  2. Oh no! I missed the Cheese Dancing!?!?! Bummer!
    Sounds like it was a lovely crafternoon.

  3. What a lovely crafty afternoon!!

  4. I was so upset that I had to stay home and drink lemon and honey instead of joining in the fun.

    Just got your phone message.... made me laugh! :) Talk soon.


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