Friday, April 2, 2010

Drawstring bag from a skirt

Today I whipped up a little thrifted drawstring bag for my daughter's tap shoes.
I found this gorgeous skirt at my local op shop recently for 50c and I thought the fabric was so pretty it would be just right for a little dance shoes bag.

Loosely inspired by this tutorial I simply cut a rectangle of fabric from the middle of the skirt making sure to include the pretty ruffles (4 pieces of fabric including the lining). I turned and sewed a simple casing along the top edge, turned it all right sides together and stitched around it! I then used a scrap of ribbon from my stash for the drawstring. So simple and pretty!


  1. how cute! i bought a tote bag this week for $2.50 to look at the construction and maybe use the fabric, nice to repurpose thing, great job :-)

  2. Its really cute Gypsy!

    Hope you all have a lovely Easter. Liesl xx

  3. Pretty, nice work Gypsy, Happy Easter, love Posie

  4. what a cute bag!
    I also had that skirt and turned it into a dress for my daughter.

    It's such pretty fabric!


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