Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Special Guest Contributor - Blogtoberfest Day 7

In the spirit of Blogtoberfest I am sharing the love - today's post will be written by The Craft Gypsy Junior Edition (7). Enjoy!

During the school holidays my two friends came over and we watched a tutorial called how to make a little teddy bear from fondant because we were making cupcakes (but we didn't eat the bears because we loved them so much!). The tutorial was super easy!

Mine is the green one in the middle.

One of my friends can't eat gluten so we had to use a special type of flour to make the cupcakes. They tasted exactly the same!
We also made flowers, letters and hearts out of fondant to decorate our cupcakes.

We had so so so much fun.
ps thanks for reading.

by The Craft Gypsy Junior Edition (age 7)
(mum helped with the link, I don't know how to do that yet).


  1. Love the teddy bears. They are so cute! I wouldn't be able to eat them either if I made one.

  2. You girls did a great job of your baking.


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