Thursday, October 8, 2009

Is there something going around? Blogtober day 8

My computer has a virus. It's in the shop where it can't do any more damage, waiting to be fixed. Yesterday I tried to log in to my online bank, and got a very weird message asking me to enter my 'funds transfer external'. Hhmm, that looks very wrong, thought I. Quick phone call to the bank, emailed them a screen shot of the message, and they said it looks like a very bad virus :(

The Junior Crafter also has a virus and is home today from school.Maybe there's something going around?

I'm currently blogging from the (temperamental and unreliable) laptop, which means no uploading photos, and therefore one very visually unappealing blog until the computer is fixed.

And of course it would happen during Blogtober.

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  1. Hope the Junior Crafter is a feeling better.

    If only we could e-mail the doctor with a screen shot of our child to find out what virus they have!


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