Sunday, October 18, 2009

Delirious - blogtober day 18

1 snotty baby + not much sleep + 1 huge mug of coffee = feeling slightly delirious this morning. I hereby command myself to stop staring, bleary eyed, at the multitude of inspiring blogs that have taken over my computer of late and GET CREATING!

I may be back later with something to show for my efforts. Or I may be found in the fetal position on the floor clutching some embroidery thread and pinking shears and mumbling something about quarter inch seam allowances, while my kids forage for food in the TimTam/Mint Slice stash...

Oh, my kingdom for 8 hours unbroken sleep.


  1. Quick ... reclaim the Tim Tam/Mint Slice stash ... you're going to need that for medicinal purposes to get you throught the day!

    Hope you get lots of craft time (and maybe a little nanna nap in there somewhere too).

  2. I'm Liesl - the chocolate biscuit stash is sacred and must NEVER be raided by the children, especially when the parents are sleep deprived since the resulting hyperactivity may result in loss of life!!

    Hope you get a chance for a nanna nap - can help make up for not getting 8 hours overnight.

  3. O my ... hearing you today. We had a HELL night here last night with both children refusing to sleep.
    All good now though - partner + both children napping. Doing a bit of creative re-grouping while they sleep & just popped online while I'm having a quiet cuppa... better run though and get on with my projects before this blissful quiet ends and they all wake up!!!

  4. What a night ... I can't imagine, my baby days are so far away. Take a day for yourself and get some sleep where you can ... coffee highs are crazy!


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