Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas gift tags tutorial

This week we made our Christmas gift tags and they were a great success, so I thought I would share with you how we made them.

First, using Word (or a similar word processing program) type in your text. My text reads "Merry Christmas from the *surname here* family". Then cut and paste your text so it repeats across the width and length of the page. At the beginning of each line of text on the page delete a word or two so the text appears random across the whole page and the words do not line up exactly underneath each other.
Select any fancy font you like and change the font colour to red. I used Angelina font in 12 point.
Then print onto an A4 sheet of natural coloured paper.

Using a paper trimmer cut your A4 sheets into strips. I cut some sheets vertically into 4 strips, and some sheets horizontally into 5 or 6 strips - this way you will end up with some 'landscape' oriented tags and some 'portrait' oriented. Next, cut your strips into 'tag size' rectangles. I didn't measure at all and all the tags ended up being different sizes which I like as I was going for the rustic look. Feel free to measure if you want them all the same size!

Now, put the kids to work! Take one of your rectangular tags and cut off 2 of the corners, and punch a hole in the top. Then thread some Jute or twine through the hole.
Now using a date stamp and some black ink stamp the tags with "25 Dec 2009".

Done! Christmas Tags ready to go. And since you already have your family name printed on the tags, you can simply write the recipient's name on the tag with a black marker.


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