Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure Cooking - Fig & Rocket Salad

I needed to use up some beautiful figs before they spoiled, and also had to take something to my Mum's place for a last minute get together, so did a spot of Choose Your Own Adventure cooking.
What I found in the Fridge and Pantry:
Fresh figs
Danish Fetta
Olive oil

Method (snicker, making it up as I go along):
Quarter the figs, toss them for about 2 minutes in a frypan with a splash of olive oil and a drizzle of honey. Turn off the pan and leave the figs in the warm honey mix.
Throw the Rocket in a bowl, place figs on the Rocket.
Break the Danish Fetta into small chunks and sprinkle over the Figs.
Sprinkle a handful of unsalted cashews over.
Pour the olive oil and honey mix from the pan over the salad.

I thought it would need a dressing (which I didn't have, eek!) but actually it was really nice without one. The nutty/peppery flavour of the Rocket was a beautiful contrast to the sweet Figs and honey, the Danish Fetta added some creaminess and the cashews gve it a little bit of crunch!
It was really delicious, I'll be making this one again next time I can get Fresh Figs!


  1. Did you see the fig feature Donna Hay did a few magazines back, it was amazing. You could almost smell them from the divine images. That looks so yummy, i had a very basic Ceasar Salad for dinner, not made with any love at all, just thrown together. Love Posie

  2. Ha, that is so funny because we had almost the same (made up) salad last week with some figs that DH 'acquired' from our neighbours tree at the end of our road! We used Sweet Balsamic dressing though and it was divine!


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