Monday, March 8, 2010

The Storm and a Wedding Day

On Saturday, The Bloke and I were heading off to celebrate a family wedding in South Melbourne and looking forward to a night in a fancy-pants hotel followed by a lovely sleep-in, late checkout and a leisurely brunch before heading home to the hills.

I had somehow pulled off the seemingly impossible task of arranging to have all 3 kids looked after overnight, and it was to be our first night away together in about 4 years.

I had my hair done, bought a new frock, and was feeling very glam and excited as we set off. We were so thrilled to be able to share in this very special family wedding.

Then the storm hit.

We were on Toorak Road when the hailstorm hit us, we pulled over and sheltered in the car. The hailstones were about as big as large marbles and sounded very scary hitting the car, I was terrified our windows were going to break. After the storm eased, we spent the next 30 minutes or so trying to find a road that was not flooded that would get us to the Church on time. We were having no luck, everywhere was flooded.

We were trying Swan Street when my sister called (she was at our place looking after the Junior Crafter and Poor Point 3). My sister took the kids into the hallway and shut all the doors to protect them from flying glass as the windows were broken by hailstones larger than golfballs. She said the windows were smashed, there was glass everywhere and rain pouring in. At one point she opened the hall door into the kitchen to see what was going on and a large hailstone flew in a broken window past her head and down the hallway!

This photo was taken by my neighbour

We turned around and came home immediately, but I knew it would be at least an hour before we made it home. I called my brother who was only 5 minutes away and he went straight to our house and started the clean up and boarding up the windows.

We arrived home to find:
11 broken windows (in our house and bungalow)
Weatherboards damaged by hail
The shed wall damaged by hail
Our Colourbond roof looks like someone has taken to it with a large hammer
Skylight broken and leaking water into the bathroom

My car (which was in the driveway) has hail damage to 7 panels, but luckily no broken windows so it is still driveable.

I am still unable to contact my insurance company.

We didn't make it to the wedding. We called the hotel and told them what had happened and asked if they might transfer our booking to another night (they sounded doubtful and said they would call me back this week). We ordered take away and stayed in feeling very grateful that it wasn't worse, devastated that we missed the wedding and just a tiny bit disappointed about missing our night away.

I called the mother of the groom and explained what had happened and was relieved to find out that the wedding went off without a hitch and the happy couple still enjoyed their special day despite the storm going on outside.
Congratulations Pete & Beck, we wish you a lifetime of love and happiness, and wish we could have been there.


  1. Oh my goodness that's terrible! I hope you can get in contact with your insurance company at some stage today to get it all sorted. We were very lucky on this side of town with no damage at all.

  2. Sounds crazy! I missed it all as I was down the coast for a couple of days. So glad you are all safe (despite the damage!). And such a shame you missed out on the wedding and your night away.
    Hopefully the insurance co are good to you.

  3. oh that sounds horrible! I am glad to hear you got home okay and no one was hurt. Its a shame you missed out on the wedding though.

  4. what a blessing that all your family members are unhurt...what a scary day of weather to experience!!

    i hope you are able to contact your insurance company soon so the necessary repairs can begin soon.

  5. oh my!! how horrible.
    Hope you get it all sorted this week.

  6. Oh Gypsy, you poor things ... that's really terrible!

    I'm really sorry to hear about the damage to your house. I hope the insurers can help you out soon. If there's a wait will the SES help secure your skylight and windows til they can be repaired?

    Take care,
    L xx

  7. HAsn't it been terrible. Glad you are all OK. Hopefully the insurance company comes good when you finally get through to them.

  8. Oh no! That is scary! I was at home in the heart of the 1999 Sydney hail storm and it was very similar! The hailstones were flying through crashed windows and cars were smashed on the street and quite frankly it was terrifying. Fingers crossed you can get things sorted quickly.

    I hope you get your night out again soon. We are going to attempt to do the same thing this Saturday night. I hope we have better luck!

  9. Wow wee, that is so scary, your clever babysitter was right to hide in the hallway. Gosh, that is frightening. What a shame about your new frock & hair, to eat take away in the rain. As long as you're all safe & sound, well in your boarded up style home. Good luck with repairs, wishing you well. Love Posie

  10. How scary to be looking after someones children when a disaster hits...
    Glad no-one was hurt...

  11. Wow that is one fierce storm, glad to hear you were all safe though. Hope the repairs get done quickly.

  12. OMGoodness - what rotten luck to have a hail storm on your first night out together in 4 years. I hope the Insurance Company gets you sorted quickly, and it would be lovely if the Hotel lets you stay another night. Thank goodness you are all safe and well.

  13. Oh Gyps, poor you guys. That must have been the longest trip home ever. I hope you get your insurance sorted really soon and that everthing works to plan and you get to have a night alone really, really soon. X

  14. Oh you poor thing. I heard it struck the Ferntree Gully/Upwey area pretty badly (I recall you're in Upwey?) I hope it doesn't take too long to get everything fixed. I'd hate to think how many cars will be written off from this.

  15. Holy Moly. You may have had enough therapy by now - and hopefully you have been able to sort the insurance bizzo - but I am HEARTBROKEN for you. The first night in four years bit was the ultimate clincher.


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