Saturday, October 10, 2009

Too much craft? Blogtober day 10

No such thing!

Today Poor Point 3 and I went to the fabulous Northside Makers Market and checked out all the handmade goodies.I met Cam (Curlypops) and Cathy (Tinniegirl) saw their wonderful creations in person, they are really fabulous (the girls and the creations!).

From there we went to the CraftExpo at the Exhibition Buildings where I stocked up on some supplies, added to my stash, learnt to make fabric covered buttons (easy peasy! Who would have thought?), and bought some liquid which will apparently make printer ink colourfast on fabric for a little project I'm working on for a christmas present. Poor Point 3 amused himself by flirting shamelessly with every person who laid eyes on him.

And since I was 2/3 childless it was a relaxed and enjoyable day out! Came home to dinner on the table, so thanks to the Bloke Who Lives at My Place for topping off a perfect day :)


  1. Hey lady, you really know how pack the excitment into a day. I've had to split Northside and CraftExpo over the two days!

    It was a really great market, wasn't it?

    PS. Can't wait to see what you're up to with the special ink. Does it involve freezer paper too?

  2. As it happens I did buy some freezer paper yesterday...


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