Sunday, October 25, 2009

The funniest dessert ever - Blogtober day 25

Today is my little sister's birthday, so we all went out for birthday dinner here which was fun.

The food was pretty good, the service was great and the Margaritas were excellent.

But this dessert really 'takes the cake' (sorry, couldn't resist).

"Dr Tim's Sticky Date Pudding with Self Administering Caramel Sauce".

 *Dr Tim is our local GP, I'm pretty sure he's responsible for this frivolity.

It was delicious.
Happy Birthday J.


  1. OMG that's hilarious! I so wish that I had one to eat right now.... mmmm chocolate

  2. Um... that kinda freaks me out, actually! I don't think I'd like to eat that... even if it was delicious... I know it's silly but the visual feast is certainly a big part of eating & appetite, and that it, um, unappetising...

    But who would care what I think... I don't even like margaritas! (*blergh!*)

  3. that is so funny! Sticky date pudding is my favourite so I would definately be ordering this if I went there.

  4. Vic, I can't believe you don't like margaritas!!! :o I hope we can still be friends...

  5. lol Gypsy - I WISH I did like them, the glasses are so damn cool... I've tried though, I really have... but really.... *eeeeeeew*


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