Monday, October 26, 2009

Monday Monday - Blogtober day 26

I was going to play my "Get out of 1 Blogtoberfest Post FREE" card today, but it turns out I have something to say! Two things actually.

First, thank you for the quilt suggestions that have been made so far in my very first giveaway, if you haven't entered yet get your entry in here. Be warned, you have to work for this giveaway, I'm in desperate need of a quilt pattern, please help me find it!
We have reached 10 entries, so I will be adding something else to the giveaway prize. Haven't decided what yet, I'll keep you posted!

Also, I really want to mention another amazing giveaway going on at Kimono Reincarnate. Melanie is giving away a really lovely prize, and there is a link in her giveaway to her etsy store (gorgeous!) and her ebay store where she has some stunning japanese fabrics, including vintage kimono fabrics! I placed a bid. Couldn't help myself :)

Hope you're all having a cheerful Monday.

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