Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Feeling much better

Thank you for the lovely messages about my unfortunate accident (and resulting Dedicated Crafter Award).

So now an update. Since neither the doctor's office or the hospital has called me with any results from my x-rays, I am presuming that my foot is not actually fractured. Or possibly this is simply our overworked and underfunded public health system at its finest. Do you think either Julia or Tony are at all interested in my x-rays? Either way, my foot seems to be improving (coincidentally, my disposition seems also somewhat improved after two days of lying about on the couch watching bad daytime tv and eating Tim Tams).

I am afraid I have been failing miserably at keeping my blog up to date, so will endeavour to bring you up to speed with all the latest goings on here at D4C during the next few days.

I have a few lovely balls of Patons Wilderness and a 15mm hook in hand to finally have a crack at Kirsty's Granny Shrug. Hope you too are enjoying a cosy winter's evening by the fire, maybe with some handcraft to keep you company.


  1. Oh Gypsy you must call and check just in case! I've visited my doctor months after having x-rays and when the receptionist handed them over to me to take home, they had never ever even been opened. The original report addressed to the doctor was still inside.

  2. Call from the couch - no getting up and wasting quality tv viewing time!!! Bought anything from wet vac mops or Ozi Cozy's yet?

  3. Oh Gypsy! You are a duffa! With Cam on this, call! you never know xox

  4. I think you should call too - just in case. You know it took more than a week after the x-ray to find out that Argy had a broken arm!!

    Thanks for the lovely crafternoon!

  5. So given you are learning to crochet, you can crochet for me, and ill sew up some 8yo skirts? deal?

    and yup agree with the others, just give a call.


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