Saturday, July 17, 2010


Last weekend Liesl, Cathy, Bec, Melanie, Caitlin, day tripper Cam and I went to Sewjourn.

There was lots of sewing and making, a bit of painting, loads of wonderful food, a little wine of course, and lots and lots of talking, getting to know new friends, and catching up with wonderful creative peeps I don't get to see enough of in the real world.
Apologies in advance for the photo heavy post, but I was the (un)official photographer for the weekend.
Tinniegirl art in progress

Caitlin and some of her stunning Pippijoe fabrics

Many hands make light work - basting Liesl's quilt.

More stunning Pippijoe fabrics

Caitlin's paper flowers, an elegant addition to the dining table

My quilt, started at Sew It Together in May, still a work in progress!

Melanie's gorgeous quilt top (particularly nice sashing there Mel!)

The view from Sewjourn - what's not to love?

Thanks girls for a beautiful weekend.


  1. What lovely photos - I missed out on seeing so much! Oh well, have to wait til next year now.

  2. Thanks to you fabulous woman. I am so grateful for your laughter, hugs, listening ear and new found friendship. It was a wonderful weekend.

  3. There really is nothing like a weekend at Sewjourn, is there? Thanks for sharing your weekend with us.

  4. Great photos Gypsy, thankyou Ms photographer lady :) (and sashing-cutter-extraordinaire!) Loving especially the photo of us basting Liesl's quilt, all in our Melbourne black!

  5. What a lovely weekend, very jealous here!

  6. Ah there's no place like Sewjourn, is there?


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