Monday, May 17, 2010

Sew It Together with Pics

I think I summed it up pretty well in my last post, but now you want all the goss, right?

See, there actually was some crafting getting done! (Great pose there Bec!)
I pieced my first ever quilt top which would not have been done without this terribly awesome chick:

Here is clever, sensible, finished a quilt in one day yes including the binding, Patch Andi

And here is Let Your Hair Down, "the quilt is finished, I'm having a Pina Colada with Gypsy" Andi!

I am, of course, ridiculously proud of myself. Thanks Andi *heart*

Here are Kate and Beck, glad you could make the trip to the Big Smoke girls.

This is me with the lovely Kelly, who was just a little bit too much like me...Single White Female anyone?

Liesl, my partner in craft and the perfect 'roomie', thanks for a lovely weekend!

Trash and me. She got me drunk and tried to instigate a cheese wave. Don't come back Trash, you won't be welcome here. Unless you dance for cheese.

No pics, but special mentions to Bianca and Abbe thanks for the secret handshake girls, and Karen, who Danced for Cheese *heart*

I'm still at a loss for words when trying to thank Sheridan properly for bringing us all together. Sheridan, you had me at Hello.


  1. hi there

    it was such a great weekend and so nice to meet you!!!!!!!! I don't even think our words will describe just how amazing the weekend was


  2. looks like a fabulous time Gypsy!!
    I definitely need to get myself to the next get together.

    p.s laughing at Becs pose.

  3. Gyps, you rock my socks! :o)
    I'm glad that you shared and brought cheese dancing to my life.

    Adios Craft Gypsy, HELLO Dance for Cheese!!!!

  4. Looks like so much fun, will have to come to the Sydney one, when i'm in Brisbane!! Dance for Cheese hey, i would!! Love Posie

  5. Well hello D4C! I'm laughing so much that you did really change the name. Too funny. Thanks so much for the prezzie, it was so ace to meet you. Let's play again soon.

  6. I told my 6yo son about dancing for cheese and he thought it was hysterical, until I made HIM dance for cheese.
    Evil mother!!
    On other topics, when are you coming over for a basting party?

  7. Gypsy - you are a legend !

  8. Gypsy it was so great to meet you - my SIT Friday started with a laugh and got better from there.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the new blog name and especially the explanation for it.

  9. Fabulous to meet you!!!

    LOVE the change of name...(But of course, if you hadn't have done it we'd have all referred to you as "Gypsy.... you know - the 'Dance for Cheese' one").

  10. Ace post Gypsy!! Love all the photo's xo

  11. you're so fun Gypsy x I wonder what tricks we can train you to do to make us laugh next year (dance on table for FABRIC...?)

  12. Remember it starts innocently with a piece of fromage and a shoe shuffle, but can quickly get out of control. We will have to call DHS if next week's blog title is "Pat your head and rub your tummy, whilst whistling Dixie and giving mummy a foot massage for a Jatz Cracker".

  13. PS. Thanks for being such a great room buddy. The weekend was ace! xoxo

  14. Great, now people are laughing at my pose! Got you back on my post :)
    Thanks for giving me an ace weekend!

  15. it was a blast wasn't it ... I wonder what we'll be dancing for next year?

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