Friday, May 28, 2010

Kirsty's Granny Shrug

 I was super impressed when I saw the Granny Shrug that Kirsty has whipped up over at Kootoyoo, and I'm looking forward to the tutorial she has very kindly promised to share.

This morning Kirsty set a little shopping list for the Granny Shrug. Oooh, I read it with great excitement and amidst visions of whipping up my own gorgeous Shrug was grabbing the car keys to go buy some supplies, when...darn it...common sense crept in...only momentarily, of course, but long enough for me to glance in the direction of my pile of UFO's. Which seems to currently be a decent size (by which I mean I can't get to the craft cupboard due to the enormous pile of projects in varying states of completion which is blocking the way. I'm keeping Cheese Boy well away lest it actually topple and bury him, never to be seen again).

Not even rating a mention is the fact that I can barely crochet, and have yet to complete more than one granny square. I'm never one to let lack of experience/knowledge/ability get in the way of crafting fun!


  1. You have crafting ADD!!
    You need help!!!

  2. Do it! I have a knitted jumper for Charlie lurking in my craft area that would barely fit on his leg now! Some lucky punter may get it someday, or the kids may use the red Merino wool (that cost a feckin' fortune) to make mobiles... !!!

  3. Who cares about ufo's! I have just started a new ripple, when I have a ton of ufos. Whatever makes you happy, I say!

  4. I'm also seriously tempted by the granny shrug - and I can't crochet either!!
    So did the common sense remain or did you get the supplies???
    Maybe we'll be lucky and she'll do a HAC class on it.

  5. You're setting the bar high there Gyspy, that was quite the gorgeous shrug on Kirsty!! Good luck, love Posie


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