Thursday, May 13, 2010

My Creative Space

This week my creative space is about making space to get creative...get it?

My 'space' has been in complete chaos and I haven't been able to find anything let alone actually make something! I really needed to organise my stash, but don't have any shelves to store it on as my space is part of the Sewing room/Study/Library/Music room, so there are many competing interests for the available storage.

So I got creative and found some plastic tubs that used to store kids' toys and started folding. All the fabric is grouped by colour and I actually know what I have in there! Excellent. I have also sorted my stash of zips, snaps, elastic, binding, ribbons and scraps. Now maybe I can find something to take to S.I.T. this weekend...

Thanks for hosting Kirsty, click here to see what everyone else is doing in their space this week.

PS. Would you like to make a little Pinafore for a really worthy cause? Click here for the details!


  1. Now that you've done such a fab job at your place, do you think you could come and sort out my mess???

  2. Ah super neat & orderly, creativity will burst out now. He he, i'm at your blog & your at mine, snap!! Love Posie

  3. Getting organised and staying organised is such a creative challenge in itself. Good luck and have a great time this weekend. So wish that I could have made it... please take lots of photos!

  4. Looking terribly organised there my dear. Perhaps... too organised... ;)

  5. Hey Gyps, I'd love to make a pinni or two. Do you have a reversible pattern? Let me know and I'll get started. see yu tonight. XX


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