Friday, May 21, 2010

Ernst's Big City Adventure

Ernst was very excited about going to Sew It Together. He was so looking forward to meeting some lovely bloggy crafty friends and living it up in the Big Smoke for the weekend.

Ernst had a lovely time admiring all the things being crafted at Sew It Together.

After lunch, some of the girls went on a shopping trip. Ernst was very excited, but his face fell as he watched everyone leave without him. "Wait for me Jodie" he cried...but Jodie didn't hear him. Poor Ernst.

So Ernst decided to do a little sightseeing of his own.
 . Ernst was very excited about going in an elevator (There aren't many elevators in Ernst's town!).

Not far from the hotel, Ernst made a most delicious discovery.

It was very hard to choose just one!

Next stop was Clegs. Ernst thought the stripes would make a very nice shirt, and wondered if Jodie could be distracted from her wool purchases long enough to check them out...

And of course even a little turtle knows that you can't visit Melbourne without a stop at Tessuti's. Ernst loved the soft cottons, and thought this gray gingham would look very dapper on him!

Oh Ernst, what are you doing? Those are ladies shoes!!!

Back at the Citigate, Ernst sat back and drank in the creativity around him and thought he would never have such an exciting day out again. What a lucky little turtle!


  1. Oh my, little Ernst had a bigger adventure than me! I'm extremely jealous.

  2. That Ernst sure knows how to enjoy himself. He popped up everywhere I went ... and must have maxed out his credit card for sure!

  3. Interesting that he did a whole lot more than I managed. I guess it's all about who you know....

  4. Ernst had a great day!!! What a lucky turtle :)

  5. Did Ernst go to Campers!!!! Luckiest turtle in the world I say.

  6. Oh yippee, i am so thrilled to see Ernst had an awesome time, i did ask Jodie if he was going. That is soooo cool. He would have been my highlight!! Love Posie

  7. ooo Ernst WAS a busy boy, I have a few of his adventures in my camera too!!!

  8. It was lovely to get to sit next to Ernst for a while, that dude really does know how to work the room and charm the ladies. He almost as much of a massive spunk as Hamish Blake!

  9. You are mad !!!!!......and I love it !!!

  10. Ernst must have been stalking me! - he went to every place I did and managed to keep himself out of my sight...very spooky...He told me he found me attractive. I could see the heartbreak in his little turtle eyes when I told him I was spoken for. I was tempted though. He is a gorgeous hunk of green and brown love, after all!


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