Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Creative Space - I need help!

I'm having a little problem with my creative space this week. I'm attempting to make a Pinafore for a very worthy charity, but I've hit a little snag, and as I have absolutely no experience making pinafores (or any other sort of frock for that matter) I'm stuck! Maybe you can help?

Here's the problem:
The pattern is size 8. I borrowed the pattern from the store and was advised I would need two different fabrics, each1 metre, to make it reversible. So I need to cut a back and a front from each piece of fabric. Here it comes: One of my fabrics is a directional print, and selvedge to selvedge it's not wide enough for me to cut both a front and a back. Aaarrrgh. It's short by about 3cm, and only at the bottom of the dress, where the skirt is the widest.

Here's the question: Can I just reshape the curve at the bottom of the sideseam so that the bottom of the dress doesn't flare out quite as much? That will make it fit on the fabric, and I'm hoping won't alter the dress very much as it's only a small amount?

PS. Would you like to make a pinny too? Go on, please do!


  1. Sorry Gypsy no idea- but will listen eagerly to others because I am planning to do a pinny too.

  2. Take my advice with a grain of salt as I'm no dressmaker, but I would say yes - just alter the curve so that it fits your fabric!

  3. I can see whay you couldn't resist that print - very sweet.
    Definitely fine to re-rule that line from the underarm to the hem.
    Good on you for doing this too when clothing is not your thing.

  4. I have absolutely NO IDEA!!
    Do they need any quilty tips?

  5. I wonder what the fit is like? If its A-line you could make it a bit straighter. Another option might be to add in a panel of different fabric at the centre front on the directional side or add hem facings (so you could cut the directional print shorter). That way you wouldn't have to alter the pattern.

    Bring it over tomorrow!

  6. If you want to make the skirt part narrower, you should place a small pleat (or two) in the pattern piece, as if you are putting in a dart. I would do both pieces so that you are taking the same amount out of both the front and the back. If you are doing a reversible pinny, you will probably need to do the same with the other fabric as well. I hope it doesn't end up too narrow.

  7. I so can't help you Gypsy...but I'm sure many others can, and will! good luck with it, imagine how satisfied you will be when you are finished! And the happy smile of the little girl who will wear it, good luck xo

  8. Reshaping the flare on the side seam is absolutely fine. Rule the line from either the bottom of the armhole or the waist area.


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