Friday, January 29, 2010

What fun!

I went to my first Northern Craft Bonanza last night. I thought I would have to procure some fake ID with a more Northerly address just to get in (me not being from the North and all) but Cathy assures me that the night is open to anyone and made me feel very welcome!

There were lots of lovely peeps, plenty of coffee and chais going around, loads of chat, catching up and exchange of ideas, and of course a little bit of crafting too!

There was some lovely knitting...

Beccasaurus was covering some buttons... (do you think she needs to cover that cleavage as well? Sorry Bec, I'll do better with the camera angle next time!)

The very lovely Lara from Thornberry brought these gorgeous snoods that she had whipped up... (if that doesn't inspire a girl to master the art I don't know what will!)

Liesl was crocheting with the most delicious looking chocolate yarn I've ever seen...

And Curlypops was making tags for her gorgeous gadget pouches (and a sale or two as well!)...

I took along my pitiful crochet attempts and was lucky enough to get some instruction and handy tips from Liesl and Lara. Liesl most helpfully agreed with me when I stated that I had just made the world's worst crochet chain, and patiently waited for me to unravel and start again. More than once. Lara had some fab tips about 'blocking' which I'm hoping will make my 'Granny' more 'Square'. 
The Bonanza is on fortnightly, hope to see you there.


  1. heehee it's amazing what being premenstrual does for the boobs, I may get a date out of that pic!! (If boys read craft blogs, that is!)

  2. Well maybe boys would read craft blogs if they knew there were pics like these on offer! Let me know if you get a date Bec, I'll change the name of my blog to "The Dating Gypsy" LOL

  3. I'm so glad that you remembered to bring along a camera! What great pics and a fab night out.

  4. Haha - I saw the first pic and thought - that girl has my top and knitting - oh wait! That is me!!

    I'm trying to learn granny squares too- what a disaster so far! I'll have to bing my crochet stuff next time!

    What fun!!

  5. How lovely & encouraging. I'm pretty north of Melbourne, um, Canberra. Too lovely & happy crocheting. Luck you getting out & about. Love Posie

  6. absolutely no need to cover up the 'girls' and maybe this picture will get more men reading craft blogs!!

    if i ever can travel to Australia, i will have to work my trip around this get-together - it looks like a great time was had by all =-)

  7. looking good Bec!
    what a shame I missed it, looks like a fun night.

  8. I'm sorry to have missed it! Might see you there another time...

  9. It was a lovely evening wasn't it! Glad to hear that you enjoyed yourself and I look forward to catching up more often.

  10. Hope you'll be able to make it this week :)


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