Thursday, January 21, 2010

Learning something new

A couple of weeks ago on my weekend away, my Mum very patiently tried to teach me the basics of Crochet. It seemed simple enough, and the instructions were clear. I'm actually finding it's a bit tricky - sshh, don't tell anyone. I'll keep practising.


  1. I'm trying to learn / self teach myself crochet too! Am finding it terribly tricky and hard on the eyes and fingers....

    One day I'll get it. Good luck with yours!

  2. You will get there, your chain looks really nice.

  3. Good on you, once you gt the hang of it, it will be super quick and you will have a full sized blanket before you know it.

  4. Good luck, i haven't tried my hand at crochet, so you're big steps ahead of me!! Good luck, love Posie

  5. you are so great for having a go.
    do you know what worked for me (and in no way am I an should see my granny squares!) a larger hook and thick yarn in white or cream.
    A 9mm hook worked so well with the light yarn. I could see my stitches.
    Once i got the hang of making chains, and then joining the chains (made some hats), then I switched back to the 5mm hook and 8ply wool. Now it's ten times easier.
    I can't wait to see how you go.

  6. Keep on going...practice makes perfect!

  7. good luck! i think your kids may like amigurumi, little crocheted dolls. they're very easy and all you usually need to know is single crochet!


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