Sunday, January 3, 2010

Thanks Mum

My sleepover at Rancho Relaxo was wonderful.

We went out for lunch here. Delicious.

Then back to Mum's for 2 hours of relaxing in the spa with a refreshing drink and a good book:

Followed by a spot of relaxing in front of the fire, listening to some beautiful music, (and I was given a very very special gift by my mum which I will share with you tomorrow)

Then a gourmet meal of Rack of Lamb, Dutch Cream Potatoes pan fried with garlic and rosemary, and steamed beans and carrots.

Some more music and relaxing before heading off to my cosy little bed:

(with a nightcap)

And above my bed were the books of my childhood (and my mum's childhood), aren't they fab?

All topped off by a sleep in 'til 9am. Heavenly. Thanks Mum, it was exactly what I needed xx


  1. You are never too old for your mum, i love this post. Lovely, cosy and warm.

  2. O my - you are one lucky lucky lady.
    Glad you got some luxury R&R to start the new year :)

  3. what a lovely way to rest and relax. what a wonderful mother you have to assist you with such relaxation and delicious food.

    such a heavenly way to begin 2010!

  4. Oh how gorgeous! A perfectly wonderful way to spend some relaxing time with your Mum.

  5. Please take me with you next time you visit Mum. It looks so warm and cozy. Like a mum's hug.


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