Saturday, January 30, 2010

My Place And Yours - Shoes!

Shoes! Shoes, shoes, shoes. I *heart* shoes! I told Vic I loved them, and she thought we should share the love and picked me to be this week's -da da da daaaaaa- Theme Queen!

So here are my current favourite pair of shoes:

Aren't they sweet? I think they are a little bit fifties and very glam. I love them!
I bought them in December to wear to a wedding. I had already bought a dress, a little black number with a cream coloured satin sash just under the bust which tied in a lovely bow at the back, and thought I would wear a nice pair of black strappy heels I had already. The day before the wedding I was walking past a shoe store when I spied these shoes on the Clearance Table at the front of the store. The last pair, in my size, half price. Who am I to argue with fate? I bought them. I love them. They looked FAB with the dress. These shoes and I are a perfect match.

If you are getting about in heels, you should definitely get yourself some "Party Feet", they help your feet to feel better even if you are dancing the night away!

Thanks Vic for letting me be this weeks Theme Queen. To check out more Shoes at My Place And Yours, visit Punky & Me.


  1. WOW they are gorgeous and look ssoo perfect with your adorable dress too..LOVE it!! thanks for the 'party feet' hint we could all do with some of those lol!..btw thanks for choosing a fun theme, who doesn't love shoes, right!..have a great w/e :)

  2. Oh they are a little bit fabulous aren't they?? Loving that dress & cream sash, perfect match to the shoes. I've started watching Mad Men from episode 1 again, gosh i missed a lot first time around. Looking for ideas & inspiration, sans the polyester. Really sweet shoes, very pretty indeedy. Love Posie

  3. Great shoes. You look absolutely stunning - hope the bride wasn't too jealous!

  4. Don't you look a million dollars in your shoes & dress??! I can see why you had to have them. Don't go and look at my shoe post, it is a bit depressing I'm afraid. Sigh. Who knows, maybe once the kids are back at school I will go and buy myself several new pairs! xo

  5. Fabulous shoes! Gorgeous outfit too! Just perfect..Thanks for choosing a perfect theme!
    Sophie x

  6. Super shoes. You look mighty glam in them :)

  7. Love 1950's style, love shoes, love black and cream, love shoes - did I say that already?
    Should never argue with shoe fate. It's wrong. x

  8. Very pretty indeed! (The shoes and you my dear!)

    The absoloute perfect match with that dress... fate indeed!

    Thank you for being a marvellous Theme Queen this week Gypsy!!

  9. very cute shoes theme queen :)

    BTW your little tarts in the previous post look so yummy through the computer screen

  10. oh wow love the shoes!!!as a busy mummy weddings are about the only time I get dolled up! love the cute peep toe!!!!!!!!!!!

    I see you're going to sew it together! yipee, look forward to meeting you there! I hope we get name tags with our blog on them!


  11. They are cute little things aren't they! Very dainty.

  12. Hello! Thanks for picking a great theme. I love retro styled shoes too - yours are lovely indeed.

  13. Very pretty and love how they were fated to be yours! Like you and them were destined to be together. ( don't mind me I have a special thing about shoes.)
    Great tip about the party feet, thanks I often get really sore feet but do they work with flat shoes too?
    Thanks for such a great theme too

  14. Just the cutest B & W shoes Gypsy! Luvin those Party Feet....will have to go shopping for them I think! Thanks for the theme this week. :)

  15. Hello Darlings ;) I've snuck in right at the end! I'm thrilled to bits this meme is back and promise no more re-hashing of past posts ;)
    See you all next week ;)


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