Friday, January 15, 2010

Somebody cheer me up!

Oh it's been a long week here at Chateau Craft Gypsy. I have been nursing a sick baby, and trying (in vain) to entertain two bored school holidayers who can't have a friend over (might wake sleeping sick baby) can't go out anywhere (sick baby needs to stay home and rest) and can't do anything exciting like sewing or baking (mummy needs to look after the sick baby).

I haven't been crafting, or blogging, or sleeping or anything else I might vaguely enjoy, and last night couldn't go to the Northern Craft Bonanza because said sick baby just needed some mummy-TLC, so is it okay if I just come in here feeling a little sad and sorry for myself?

(I know it's not really that bad, it's just been a loooooong week and I'm soooooo tired.Forgive my little whinge)


  1. Feel free to whinge away.... it's your blog and if it makes you feel better then it's definitely worthwhile.
    Hopefully you can make it to the next one. I hope bubba gets better soon!

  2. Whinge away ... sick babies are the pits. Just think about all that crafting you'll get done when baby's well and you've had some sleep.

  3. Hey Love I have 6 fifteen year old ogres staying at my place tonight. They have already inhaled and ingested at least 60kg of food and drink...there will be sparklers, there will be karaoke.....

    Hope your wee one is better soon !

  4. Maybe this will help?

  5. i'm sorry you've had a hard week; it can't be easy having a sick baby in the house, i'm sure =-(

    i had a bit of a tough week myself, on a different level - feel free to visit my blog later to read about it =-)


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