Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sew It Together Name Tag Swap

Are you going to Sew It Together? Would you like to arrive at this exciting event wearing a very special, lovingly handmade NAME TAG of your very own? You would? Sign up for the swap here! Yes, that's right, I am hosting a Name Tag Swap for anyone who is going to Sew It Together in May.

Guidelines for the swap are as follows:
Name tags are to be no larger than 9cm in any direction (shape is up to you)

Name tags will include first name only. Make sure you email me and let me know how your name should appear on your name tag, we don't want any spelling errors!!! (Blog names will be included on the access pass you will be issued with at the event so will not be part of the name tag swap, name tags will be first name only).

Name tags should be in the colours Red and Aqua to tie into the colour theme of Sew It Together.

Name tags must have a safety pin or brooch finding on the back. They will most likely be attached to a 15mm wide lanyard which will be issued to participants at the event. Preferably the pin should be vertical for ease of attaching to the lanyard, however if the dimensions of your name tag require it then the pin can be fixed horizontally

You can make your name tag using any medium you like, however, as this event is SEW It Together the only thing we ask is that your name tag be sewn/stitched in some way :) Get creative! Think fabric, yarn, embroidery, applique, transfers, stitch sketching, squares, circles, flowers, quilting, stencilling, crochet, ribbons, buttons, paint...use anything you like as long as it is sewn in some way!

You will be given the name of the person you are making a tag for, but sshhh, don't tell them! It's a secret until it arrives in the post! And of course, you won't know who is making YOUR name tag until it arrives! What fun!

Completed name tags are to be posted directly to your recipient no later than FRIDAY 9TH APRIL to allow time for postal delivery before people begin packing up to make the trek to Melbourne! If for some reason you cannot post your completed name tag by this date, please let me know immediately, I'm happy to help in any way that I can to make sure everyone gets their name tag in time for the event!

This swap is only for bloggers who are attending at least one event at Sew It Together in May 2010.

If you want to join the swap, leave a comment on this post. Don't forget to also drop me an email with all your details which I will pass on to the person who will make your name tag.

Please read the guidelines of the swap carefully and only participate if you are happy to abide by them, and PLEASE make sure I can contact you via email! Any questions? Ask away, I'm here to help!

Sign ups start now and will close on Sunday 28th February. I will contact each of you via email by Tuesday 2nd March and tell you who you will be making a name tag for. Get creative and have fun!!!


  1. Sounds like so much fun, enjoy the time & the name tags!! I like name tags, always so helpful when meeting LOTS of new people at once. Love Posie

  2. This sounds really interesting. I'd like to make a tag for someone ... and my name for the swap should be Susan. I already have an idea for what I want to make.

  3. Great Idea! Love to join in. My name is Leah.
    Cant wait to meet everyone.

  4. Oooo yes please, me too. How exciting. This will be my very first swap. My name is Mandy!!

  5. Oh yes please - thanks for organising this Gypsy! My name is Lara.

  6. Sounds lovely! count me in - my name is sophie!

  7. I'm soooooo excited about Sew It Together, and would love to join in the name badge swapping fun!

    Thanks for organising this swap.

    Kelly :-)

  8. Count me in, I can't decide what I should have! Probably Rebecca, then if I like the person they can shorten it haha.

  9. I'd love to be in for the name tag swap too.
    Also not sure if you've found this out already but sewing the vinyl onto the safety vests will be a breeze if you put a piece of baking paper on top.
    It really does just glide through then, with no special foot required.
    Paper easily tears away once you are finished.
    I used it for name pockets on some backpacks (you can see a little patch of it here: ).
    Hope this helps.

  10. Yes please - I would love to join in too. Its a brilliant idea Gypsy!

  11. Yep, I'm in as well. What details do you need besides my name?


  12. Sounds great to me - plenty of time to get it done!
    PS - I'm Cam but you already knew that...hee hee

  13. Fabulous idea! I'm in! My name is Bianca xox

  14. I'm in - sorry it took me so long to sign up.

  15. Hi there,
    I'd like to sign up too. My name is Juddie.
    Looking forward to seeing you all there!


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