Saturday, September 18, 2010

Donate Life

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Today, our family is rejoicing. A much loved family member today received the gift of life from an anonymous stranger: My husband's beautiful Aunt endured 9 hours of surgery today and is the grateful recipient of new lungs. Truly a gift of life.

Our entire family is rejoicing in this amazing gift we have all been given today.

But also in our hearts today are thoughts for another family, a family in grief and sorrow at the loss of their loved one. We have only thanks and immense gratitude for this anonymous family, who, in their time of grief, were able to donate their loved one's organs to give new hope to so many families. We are eternally grateful, and our heartfelt thanks cannot be adequately expressed in words.

Have you made a decision to donate your organs? Have you talked to your family about your wishes? Please do, your decision could save many lives. Visit DonateLife for more information about organ donation.

Don't take your organs to Heaven. Heaven knows we need them here.


  1. My best wishes for your husband's aunt - I dearly hope she has a very speedy and full recovery.

    Bravo to donors everywhere.

  2. I wish your Aunt well and hope for a speedy recovery. And thanks to the brave ones.

  3. That's such wonderful news Gypsy - it certainly gives hope to all of us.
    I'll be wishing your hubby's aunt a super speedy recovery! Thank god for those families who make the ultimate gift.

  4. NIcely put Gypsy, I really liked the way your acknowledged an anonymous families pain, in the midst of your celebration. All the best for the Aunt after big surgery, hope all goes well. x


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