Thursday, August 19, 2010

My Creative Space...

...this week is a lesson in perseverance. As you may remember, I have been trying to master the art of crochet, for quite some time now. I fell in love with the Granny Shrug, printed out Lara's pattern, dilligently read Kirsty's fab instructions, purchased some Paton's Wilderness in Mulberry and a rather large hook, and have practiced and practiced. All I seem to make is a big pile of Mulberry Tangles. I have finally come to the disappointing realisation that I suck at crochet.

Determined not to be the biggest loser in the yarn battle, I have taken up a new weapon. I learnt to knit as a teenager, and to be honest, I wasn't very good at it. Probably because I found it a bit boring and time consuming, when really, I much preferred to spend my time at my besty's place, crimping my hair, dancing madly to 'Papa Don't Preach' and singing into a hairbrush.

These days my priorities seem to have changed somewhat (thank goodness, I hear you say), and the thought of sitting quietly, enjoying the rythmic click clack of the knitting needles seems like heaven on a stick. Okay, so I haven't knitted for...a really long time, and when I did knit, I never actually completed anything, but nothing was going to stop me now!

...except when my stitches strayed so far that the pattern was barely recognisable. This was how far I got on my first attempt before deciding to unravel and start again. And let me tell you, I don't knit very fast, so this attempt took me hours. Unravelling it was awful.

My second attempt was unravelled before I'd invested quite so much time:

Can you see the big hole and tangle where a stitch is supposed to be?

Here's my third attempt right before I unravelled it: 

Honestly, who thought that knitting a scarf would be so difficult??? It's almost enough
to make a girl dig out her Best Of Madonna CD from storage.

Okay, so I persevered. Which is not something I usually do. I'm more of a 'do it perfectly the first time or don't bother at all' kind of gal. Which, all in all, is not a very productive attitude. So here I am, in my creative space, persevering. And actually enjoying it a little...

For more creative spaces, visit Kirsty, who's a whiz with yarn and hook.


  1. Ok, I hear you on being a 'do it perfectly the first time or not at all' kinda gal...that is me to a 'T'! LOL However, like you, I'm learning that some things just take a bit of practice and a lot of patience. You're doing great, and I'm sure you'll have this scarf perfectly knitted before you know it ;-)

  2. You'll be great with the sticks. Good on you for keeping on.

  3. Well done for never giving up!

    I must admit a scarf is not easy... have you tried a simple headband? or a cowl (i have some circs here you can borrow)

    I suck at crochet too- even been taught my the crochet guild lady herself... nup still cant crochet!

  4. Oh I feel your pain! Hang in will eventually start to enjoy it. I stupidly started a cardigan for my poppet (and more stupidly blogged about it and how I wasn't going to give up on it). Well spring is just around the corner and I can not see the light at the end of my knitting tunnel...oh dear! Hope you have a click clacky weekend :)

  5. Chins up Gyps - I haven't even been brave enough to start so you're a zillion steps ahead of me.
    Good luck.
    Ab x

  6. Oooh, loving the new look blog.
    Keep on click clackin I say. the results in the end will be worth it.
    Have a fab weekend. X

  7. Oh wow... I admire you so much with this one. Firstly for picking up the sticks and having a go in the first place and then for sticking with it through the unravelling processes three time. Well done to you.
    I'm sure you'll get there in the end ... and twelve months from now you'll be laughing at how slow and awkward you once WERE!


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